Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Doing chores the fun way

I have such a bad habit of cleaning my house. It's not as bad as I see some people live; at least I don't have roaches eating the mold off the chicken sandwich on the coffee table. However, I will find almost any excuse in the world to avoid washing the dishes. Of course, my new years revolution for the year is to stop procrastinating with my chores. For someone with an artistic temper like me, that's not easy.

I now have a list of tricks to keep me doing chores around the home. So. Like most of my work, I try to make it fun! Everything seems 10x more awesome when it's fun and not dull.

There's no need to worry anymore if you have the same bad habit as me. My tricks shall work and make you more motivated to kill the dust bunnies from under your couch. If they don't, you can make your own lazy-ass cleaning tricks. An if you do, please share because I would like to know in case I get bored with mine.

Here is my list of making chores more fun:

• Wear an outfit that makes you feel special
Wether it's an old prom dress, your tuxedo from your brother's wedding or just you rockin' your birthday suit, where an outfit that makes you feel like your a million dollars. Why you may ask? Most people when they clean where some dingy, nasty looking clothes; that of course, they wouldn't wear if seen in public. And with those nasty looking clothes, you will associate wearing them as non-awesome dirty work. Looking awesome or wearing a ridiculous outfit that makes you laugh while performing your house-hold chores, will defently put you in a natural good mood. I sometimes like to clean in my tinkerbell costume and pretend I'm using pixie dust to clean everything.

• Jam out to music. Wether your a hardcore rocker, a country gal, or into opera; listening to your favorite music makes chores seem to go by faster. You can also dance along with it and pretend your putting on a glamorous show. Or you can pretend people aren't watching; if that makes you cut loose easier. I'm such a huge Disney fan that I like to listen to my favorite Disney film songs. I will even pretend I'm a princess (like Cinderella of course) and clean the house prancing around, humming, and singing to inanimate objects.

• Make it an adventure! If you are like me, you would love cartoons; especially Adventure Time. This may sound childish, but I like to play pretend sometimes when I do chores or other stuff I hate. Many times to just simply motivate myself, I imagine that I have to defeat all the nasty dirt monsters in my house or that I have to fight evil demon spirits. Once you make something seem crazy it makes it fun. This might also work on kids if you have them.

These are just a couple of tips I have. If you have more, feel free to share! I would love to hear about your mathematical tips!

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