Friday, February 22, 2013

Dara's List of Random Things To Do When You Are Totally Bored

I always hate those moments, whether I'm alone or with friends, where I have no clue what to do. There is no work to do, no errands, no chores; just me and an empty space of time.

 I like to jot down whatever random activities come into my head. Now doing that over the course of a couple years I have been able to make a list of totally random and awesome things to do when I'm totally bored that I will gladly share with you.

My Dara-licious List of Random Awesome Things To Do:

Create a murder mystery.

Write a haiku about a zombie unicorn.

Paint on someone's face.

Make bunny ears and wear them at random times just because you feel like it.

Make ninja star cookies and chuck them at people.

Give out postcards with encoded messages for others to solve.

Pretend your Godzilla and destroy something. (Make sure it's not something illegal.)

Make up secret nicknames for all your friends and family.

Create a holiday, mark it on your calendar, and celebrate.

Sneak into someone's pool and go skinny-dipping.

Record a friend dancing to a funny song and post it on YouTube without telling them.

So far, these are just a few things I have to share. And don't worry I have experienced every single one of them. And they are sure to give you something to do. With some of them, just make sure you can get away with it. Last thing you want to do is get caught in some stranger's pool in your b-day suit. Feel free to share some of your own experiences.

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